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EcoPest Services, LLC.
6400 Main St. Suite C
Grandview, MO 64030

Kansas City Pest Control Tip

lllDirt-filled porches provide a haven for termites to thrive. The main contributing factor being food (wood scraps and tree stumps). An analysis of data from Overland Park, KS collected on over 300 termite-infested homes by this author was an eye opener. The homes studied had basement foundations with visible access to the sill boxes benind the dirt-filled porches. Results showed that 80 % of the termites detected originated from within the porch, 10 % were detected inside and/or outside of the garage and the remaining 10 % came from the remaining parts of the structure. What does this mean to a home owner? If the sill boxes benind the porch are not accessible for inspection, then the odds of a truly clean report are stacked against you, the home owner. Your termite inspector can make some recommendations that may include, but not limited to, the installation of termite monitors around the structure.

Esau Formusoh, Ph.D-Entomologist.

Call Now: 816-763-1818


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"Esau was very professional and good to work with. He followed up repeatedly, answered all our questions and even came back to our house two extra times to look at alternative ways to treat our termites and answer our questions. He takes the time to do the right application and treatment for your situation. I recommend him highly."
Evelyn O., Overland Park, KS


"Easu has been great. Our rental house had become ant infested. The brief warm weather must've awakened a nest. Esau not only took care of the problem; he followed up with the tenant to make sure the problem was resolved. He also gave us recommendations on prevention. We also had Esau inspect a couple houses for termite damage and/or treatment necessity. We were very happy with his thorough inspections and recommendations. I feel pretty confident with his assessments, not knowing anything about this stuff myself. He seemed very genuine and honest, enough to gain my trust in his recommendations. We will be calling Esau again."
Gary C., Leawood, KS


"Esau came out quickly and discussed the situation with me. He carefully inspected the suspected areas, around the exterior, the garage, basement, kichen and adjoining family room. He showed me a hole in the garage door area that they could get in. We agreed on what was needed and he set up various traps that same day. Since I'm a bit sqeamish about picking up dead mice, he came back a week later and disposed of the mice and reset the traps for me. About 11 mice were caught in all, and I'm now happiily mice-free. Well worth the cost for me. I will be calling him again if I have any further problems."
Susan M., Prairie Village, KS


"I was very impressed with Ecopest and will definitely hire him again if needed in the future. He solved our ant problem in one visit."
Susan L., Leawood, KS


"We had had exterminators out before, but they simply squirted chemicals and left. The ants always came back. Esau has a PhD in entomology from K State, and so he diagnosed the ant problem as rotten siding--they love to live in moist areas. He prefers to remove the attractions first rather than spray chemicals, a very Eco-friendly and smart approach. The siding was definitely bad, and we would not have realized it without his investigation. We chose to replace siding--and when we did, the other contractor told us it "rained ants"! (Good thing they weren't the biting kind.) A few ants came back, so Esau also sprayed a blocking foam to seal their entry into the house and used a powder between some loosened siding to kill the rest. He worked in tandem with our siding contractor. I am totally impressed by Esau's expertise, professionalism and determination."
Misty M., Kansas City, MO


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